BIOS Password cracking software... ?

               AMI BIOS Password Remover and finder v3.00 DOS
                         by Natan Osterman (c)2002

                           [UNREGISTERD VERSION]

Current BIOS password:

3 chars shown, 3 hidden. Register program and you will get rid of those stars.

The author is not responsible for accidental damages, loss of memory etc.
Press P key to make BIOS checksum-failure or anything else to cancel operation.
You will have to set all BIOS settins again, but without password.

 BIOS settings saved in file BIOS.SAV. You should copy RemPass and
 BIOS.SAV to sytem floppy if anything goes wrong.

Checksum-failure successfully made! Reset computer, set new bios password,
 and boot from system floppy containing RemPass and your BIOS.SAV.

I used some software but now I'm afraid to reboot.  Primary because it relies on the floppy drive after reboot, and my model doesn't have a floppy drive.  Does anyone know if this is going to hurt my system rebooting?  I have a 2100 Series Compaq Laptop (2175).  

Please help. :)
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first : it does not give you the password like this, so you're stuck as you were before.
I suggest making no changes; then you can reboot.
rubiconxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use BIOS crackers as a last resort.  If you have no option then what is there to lose, but try other things first.

Read this thread for a few good ideas:

Good luck,

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