403 Forbidden Per User Web Directory?

Hello all,

Well I'm trying to set up a /~user/ web directory. I have done this is the past with Apache 1.0, but now with 2.0 I am unable to do this. Everytime I set it up I get denied with 403. Every other aspect of the server works fine except for this. I'm leaning towards permissions, but as I said I have set this up in 1.0 with no problems. Here is a little of my httpd.conf:

LoadModule userdir_module modules/mod_userdir.so

User apache
Group apache

<IfModule mod_userdir.c>
    # UserDir is disabled by default since it can confirm the presence
    # of a username on the system (depending on home directory
    # permissions).
    # UserDir "disable"

    # To enable requests to /~user/ to serve the user's public_html
    # directory, use this directive instead of "UserDir disable":  
UserDir public_html

<Directory "/home/user/public_html">
        Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride None
        Allow from from all

        Order allow,deny

I see no other configs in /conf.d as was an earlier problem with webalizer and mrtg. So I'm not sure where else to look.

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shouldn't it be
Allow from all
 instead of
Allow from from all

Could you also check eror.log file?
in that file you will see more explanation for error
GR999Author Commented:
Yes you are correct....didn't help though. Here is what errror_log has:

[error] [client] (13)Permission denied: access to /~user/ denied

Not sure what clues are there. Wrong permissions to home folder???

First question is: are the User and Group directives are both the same on Apache1.3 and apache2.0 configs ?
From log file it seems it didn't load userdir_module. Because it seems that URL /~user/ is not translated to correct /home/user
Try to comment <IfModule mod_userdir.c>
and </IfModule> lines.
Then you will see immediatelly during startup of apache error if mod_userdir is not loaded
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GR999Author Commented:

[Tue Nov 23 17:03:12 2004] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down
[Tue Nov 23 17:03:12 2004] [notice] core dump file size limit raised to 4294967295 bytes  
[Tue Nov 23 17:03:13 2004] [notice] mod_python: Creating 10 session mutexes based on 10 max process$
[Tue Nov 23 17:03:13 2004] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication ...
[Tue Nov 23 17:03:13 2004] [notice] Digest: done
[Tue Nov 23 17:03:14 2004] [notice] Apache/2.0.49 (Fedora) configured -- resuming normal operations

So I guess its not loading the module? If so how do i fix this?

try first check config file:
>apachectl configtest
then check that file modules/mod_userdir.so exists under $ServerRoot (ServerRoot directive value)

Also you can check which modules are compiled to apache by calling:
>httpd -l

If module mod_userdir is not compiled then you should recompile apache with adding --enable-module=userdir
--enable-module=userdir should be added during calling configure
GR999Author Commented:
Ok well this was an rpm....can it still be reconfigured? I have downloaded the newest version of source from apache, might as well install it from scratch with the right support. Question is if I uninstall the rpm, will i lose any data?

I didn't install apache from rpm, I can't say wiil it delete data or not.
Check public_html under the user's home to see if it is "rx" by apache, the typical permissions should looks like:

drwxr-sr-x  14 yuzh     nobody      1536 May 12  2004 public_html/

To set the dir permission:

chown yuzh:nobody public_html
chmod 3750 public_html

   chmod 3750 = chmod 750 dirname ; chmod g+s dirname

man chmod
to leran more details

GR999Author Commented:
What should the permissions be on the /home/user folder?

You might have the same problem I experienced. If you have SELinux enabled,
run "system-config-securitylevel"
Click the SELinux tab.
Expand the HTTPD tree.
Check Disable SELinux protection for httpd daemon.
Click OK, then Yes.
Restart httpd.

That did it for me.
just make sure a+x for /home/user, and public_html dir as http:#12661865

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also check your error_log file, to see the cause of the problem.
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