DHCP Blue Exclamation Point

Changing servers out- used Microsofts tool to convert DCHP.  It did not work on the new server so I set it up from scratch after turning the old DHCP off.  Now it does not work- have blue exclamation point with 0 addresses to give although it is setup the exact same as old.  

I am on site and need help immediately if anyone can help.  
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BeldoranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your scope properties check you have a valid range defined.
In your address pool make sure you don't have too many exclusions.
The blue exclamation mark is an information message.  You should be able to right click it and get detials of the message
My system has a Blue mark too. It (for me) means I have no free addresses.

Right click and display statistics. see if it says 100% in use.

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