I am a grad student , want to make my career in SAP BW , scope and future for this stream ?


I am Grad student in Comp SC   yet to gradute , interested in SAP BW, done most of the courses in Systems and Network, but have some familiarity  with SAP BW
 a)Would it be right choice  to choose this stream as a fresher ?  
 b) How is the future for a fresher in this field for jobs  ?
 c)Do i need to learn some more modules in addition to SAP BW before i make a job search ?

Thanks and appreciate ur response in advance

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if you want to learn about SAP BW, you won;t find any free software(s). But online you can learn...try here..lot of stuff..


There are some good books, For example "SAP BW - a step-by-step learning guide" by Biao and Henry Fu. You should surely have a look at the internet book stores.....

best of luck..

For career building SAP - BW is good...and a general idea about SAP is...

SAP has become a comodity which means that every big company has it. So Everybody should know a litle of it.

Some tips are.............

1.- SAP AG is the name of the german company that sells the product.
2.- SAP stands for Software, Aplications and Products in data procesing (in German of course).
3.- SAP R/3 is just the ERP product of SAP.
4.- SAP AG has also another products: SAP CRM (Custormer Relationship Management). SAP BW (Business Warehouse). APO (Advance Planner and Optimizer), SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management), among many others. Check www.sap.com.
5.- SAP R/3 includes all the backoffice parts that a company may need to run its business:
      FI - finnacial (Accounts payable, receivable, general ledger,etc)
      MM - Material Management (Purchasing, Inventory.etc)
      SD - Sales and Distribution
      HR  - Humman Resources
      PP - Plant Production
      PM - Plant Maintenance
      Basis - Systemen Admin.
      Abap - SAP programming language.
      Many other R/3 Modules
6.- You should do things that you enjoy, you are Production Enginneer, I recommend you to read about PP and PM before make a decision.
7.- My wife is an abap but she enjoy the thing.
8.- Latest R/3 version is 470 or SAP Enterprise.
9.- CRM and Public sector solutions are hot now.

Good Luck


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If you want to see the scale of the market and jobs, go onto the Jobserve.com Website.  You can have a look at the sort of jobs on offer and get an idea of what employers are looking for.  The trick is to get into any slot in SAP and work up from there - once you have fulltime access to a system and have peers working on the various aspects, it's much easier.  As of ten minutes ago there were 2,200 SAP-related jobs on offer
Yes - BW training will be great.
Yes you can get a job with BW

It always helps to have some other skills - but with BW i think general business understanding or a business course will be helpfull as well as you will be expected to create reports for a business - you will want to have some idea of what the reports mean.

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