Norton Firewall blocking CFHTTP

I'm trying to post credit card transaction to with CFHTTP but Norton Personal Firewall on my web server is blocking it. What can I do?
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You need to "poke a hole" in the firewall to allow the ports that are being used to come and/or go through the firewall
to know how to unblock/open a port in your NPF have a look at the following link:

you need to be able to add a firewall rule

How to add a firewall rule to Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall

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JRockFLAuthor Commented:
Yes, I know how to manage the ports....but what port?
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I'd suggest to install a sniffer (try Ethereal ) and look what traffic is going trough ... that would definatly tell you a bit more of what's going on or not.

also what code are u using for ur CFHTTP call? can u pls paste that also
JRockFLAuthor Commented:
Ok, I downloaded this do i just turn it on to see what's going on?

<cfhttp method="post" url="">
<cfhttpparam name="x_login" type="formfield" value="login">
<cfhttpparam name="x_tran_key" type="formfield" value="transkey">
<cfhttpparam name="x_method" type="formfield" value="CC">
<cfhttpparam name="x_type" type="formfield" value="AUTH_CAPTURE">
<cfhttpparam name="x_amount" type="formfield" value="19.99">
<cfhttpparam name="x_delim_data" type="formfield" value="TRUE">
<cfhttpparam name="x_delim_char" type="formfield" value="|">
<cfhttpparam name="x_relay_response" type="formfield" value="FALSE">
<cfhttpparam name="x_card_num" type="formfield" value="4111111111111111">
<cfhttpparam name="x_exp_date" type="formfield" value="05/05">
<cfhttpparam name="x_version" type="formfield" value="3.1">
<cfhttpparam name="x_invoice_num" type="formfield" value="041803-001">
<cfhttpparam name="x_description" type="formfield" value="ColdFusion: Simple AIM Example">
<cfhttpparam name="x_cust_id" type="formfield" value="SuperStore 007">

<cfset api_response=cfhttp.fileContent>
have u tried specifying a port within your CFHTTP?

port    |     80 for http     |      413 for https
Port number on the server to which to send the request.
A port value in the url attribute overrides this value.

<CFHTTP PORT="80" METHOD="post" URL="">... </CFHTTP>
JRockFLAuthor Commented:
No luck with that either...I have to think about this...
hmm. just a guess.
i remember, our web administrator block some sites.

that may be the problem, is it blocking the

JRockFLAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help. The problem was receiving the response back from
I added their IP block to my allow list.
Yes that is what I mentioned in the beginning.

But while adding the ip range into the allow list is a good temporary solution it is not a good permanent one.

You need to contact and find out which ports are needed and only open those ports - not all ports - from the IP range.

Basically what you did will work because you opened a huge hole in your firewall where you only needed to poke a few small ones.
So in the long run it would be better to close this larger hole and only open the small holes you need.
that's why i suggested using Ethereal  - as it will let you know what ports are being used by or whatever other ip address
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