Suggestions for Multiple Drive Imaging

The firm I work for just purchased another, smaller firm.  I have asked about the best way of copying all of the information on their computers and assilmilating (spelling i know) it into our databases.  I suspect that there is several Gigs of info to transfer, so I was thinking of imaging the drives... Any suggested programs that do this VERY quickly!?!?!?  And any suggestions as for data transfer, such as an online storage, maybe a rev drive (we don't have our VPN completely configured yet)?

All Ideas appreciated!
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Imaging the drives or copying data won't get much faster. Using an online storage is slow.
If you do not want to open each o fthe old PC's, you can purchase an external USB 3,5" box. Be sure to have all old PC's USB compatible. Then you'll have a set of big hard-drives(160GB-200GB get cheapest on bit, I think) and then onle copy partitions one after another on these hard drives using PM. Or you can preformat them and simply copy the data. It is a cheaper and maybe more efficient way to copy.

As many USE 3,5" external drive boxes as you need and as many HDD's you need.
Example: you have 3 people and 60 comps with overall capacity 2 TB, so buy three external boxes, 10 - 11  200GB HDD.
First format these new HDDs, then everyone grabs 3-4 HDDs and one external box and will go mining data.
Time effective, cost effective, simple.

USB 1.1 is slower - 12 Mbps
USB 2.0 is much faster - up to 480 Mbps
Speed of the transfer depends on both of the devices - external USB 3,5" box and the computer you copy from.
Other way is a high-capacity storage server wit hot-swap disk-racks.

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*correction(i'm a bit tired)
>"Then you'll have TO PURCHASE a set of big hard-drives"
>"and then JUST copy partitions one after"
>"Coclusion: As many USB 3,5" external drive boxes"
>"storage server WITH hot-swap disk-racks"

sry... too many typos :/
when you say very quickily how fast are you looking for? imaging the drives would make the data a little more portable in that you can extract it later to some other storage area. if you need the data right away then i would go with removing the drives and either connecting them internally or externally and then transfering the data. the drives will only run as fast as their original spec.
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How about Imaging the Drives to DVD with Norton Ghost?  Then you can bring the DVD's to the new place and use GhostExplorer (Like windows Explorer) to pull the data you need from the DVD.
Ioannes-GillAuthor Commented:
I was considering imaging the drives with Ghost or PM using a REV drive... DVD's wouldn't hold enough info., even dual-layer wouldn't be large enough.  Do any of you have experience using a REV drive.  I was thinking of buying one of these for backup purposes but thought it would work good in this case.
Ghost will auto-span to multiple DVD's  My 40Gig Laptop (Almost full) fits on 3 DVD's compressed.  Another Idea is to put a slave drive in the machine, and ghost from the primary drive to the slave drive.  This is probibly the fastest.
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