Frontpage - Color of Shared Borders


I changed the color in my shared borders and it appears fine with the preview in Frontpage.  When I then view the actual site within IE, white is the only background color of my shared border.

Any idea on what is causing this?

Thank You!
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Are you viewing this from an actual webserver or disk-based web? Try publishing the site to an actual webserver and see if you are still experiencing the problem.

This is normally related to the FP Server Extensions. If you do not have them installed on your webserver then the page will not display correctly. It will not be able to interput the information the page is requesting and therefore will display white.


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byd2kAuthor Commented:
I'm must apologize to all of you due to my lack of response.  I have been on vacation since Thanksgiving, and the only time I really wanted to use the computer is when I was called from work.  :)  I will look over these post today.

Thank you again for all of your suggestions.
byd2kAuthor Commented:
Thanks, RCMB for the suggestions.  

I am currently running FrontPage 2002.  My server is is Windows 2000 with IIS running.  The FrontPage extensions are running, and I ran the Recalculate Web with no success.

Instead of working on my workstation, I am actually running and editing of the local server.  My preview pane within FrontPage shows the correct colors.  

Should I uninstall and reinstall the FrontPage Extensions?

Thanks again for all your help!
Instead of changing the background colors on the borders page try setting you left and top margins to 0 and then insert a table and set the background color of the table as you desire. This will make sure things are positioned correctly and will correct the page color displays.

byd2kAuthor Commented:

I just installed the updated version of the Frontpage Extensions, and it worked!  I guess something just wasn't right with IIS.  Thanks for the suggestion of background color and table.  I'll be sure to use this method.

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