Expand email reg exp to allow only ; delimiter

I use the Regular Expression
resourced from  http://www.regexlib.com which works great.

I want to adapt  this to vlidate a sctring of emailaddress delinited by ;. So it would pass
 but not

So an optional [;] but how I can I ensure no other delimiters?

Thanks, Tom.
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- The most important part is: (?:$|\;) . I just make sure that each e-mail address ends with EOL or ';' delimeter.
- \w is the word character: [a-zA-Z_0-9]
- \d is the digit character: [0-9]
- I use (?:X) as a non-capturing group. Remove all "?:" strings to get more readable (but also slower and more memory-consuming) version.

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boardtcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the post. Unfortunately the regex falvour I use (TRegExpr for Delphi - http://regexpstudio.com/) gives the error : TRegExpr(comp): Unrecognized Modifer (pos 33) I'm not sure if it's the interval quantifier which it does not support.
I contacted the author a week ago but he has not replied...is there an alternative this might support?

Cheers, Tom.
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