Merge .PST files or combine calender and tasks? Outlook Problems

The situation is I haev a user who only uses their Outlook 2003 for the
calender and task list, not really for e-mail.  Through a mistake in a
PC upgrade she is now left with two .PST files that each have part of
her Calender and Task list and she needs them both.  However, when I
open both .PST files in outlook I don't seem to find a way to merge
them so she sees only 1 calender and 1 task list.  How can I do that?
Is there a way to merge PST files.  I know it is easy to merge the
inboxes because you can simply move all the e-mail from one inbo into
the other, but there doesn't seem to be an quivalent way to move the
entries of a calender or task list in the same way.

Also, I have the same problem with outlook 2000, but I am more
interested in the 2003 solution.
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Christopher McKayMicrosoft Network AdministratorCommented:
You should have an option to import information from another PST file.

Try this: click File
Select Import and Export
Choose import from another program or file.
Click next
select Personal Folder File (.pst)
click next
Browse to your second file,
Select the appropriate  options,
Click next
Choose to import them into the same folders in your existing PST file.

Your end result should be a "merged" file.

Hope this helps!



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David LeeCommented:
You should also be able to drag and drop the items from one to the other, or from both to a third PST.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
OR, here's one more way:
Choose to veiw the calendar in "active appointments" view
Now you should be able to sort and select, then copy items to be pasted into new calendar

Tasks are already in  a nice view to copy paste
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