How to configure network - I have it all drawn out to make this easy.

The link above will bring you to an image of my network and a brief description of what I want to do.

So the big question is - how do I configure the Actiontec and the Linksys to make this happen !


PS. One person thought the Linksys router be a "switch"  
And if yes, can this piece of hardware serve with a change in configs?  
And if yes again, what are those configs?
If no, what should I buy?
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Unfortunately, your Linksys will not allow you to assign multiple public IP addresses to multiple inside hosts. You can only port forward a single instance of port 80 for www from the single public IP assigned to the WAN interface.

A Cisco PIX 501 will most certainly do exactly what you want, and more, but the price is a LOT more than the Linksys.
I don't know of any of the consumer-grade broadband router products that will allow multiple outside IP's to be translated to multiple inside hosts.

Here are several products that may work for you


Adtran Netvanta


Watchguard Firebox

PIX 501
CrestoneCreationsAuthor Commented:
I see what you are saying and the complication in what I am asking.  

Let me simplify things as I think things will work fine if:
all port 80 requests to the web server, and the rest the same.

I have updated the posted diagram with the following text:
I would like to have
HTTP, FTP, SMTP requests  (web, FTP and email - in case I made a mistake here)
go to the web server (this is what I need, right?).
I would like all stations to have
internet accessand network connection

CrestoneCreationsAuthor Commented:
and please stop me if I seem to be doing something awkward and unnecessary.  I'm not attached to a method, I just want the result:

all computers connected to internet
web-server functional

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Your config should work right out of the box to provide all of your internal hosts a valid private IP address, and full Internet access. By default, your internal hosts will get IP addresses - xxx.

The ActionTec should be setup as in bridge mode and if you connect the WAN port of the LInksys directly to the Ethernet feed of the ActionTec dsl modem, the Linksys should get a public IP address.

To provide inbound www, ftp, smtp to a single inside host, you simply need to forward ports 80, 25, 20, 21 to the web server. Suggest using a permaent static IP address for the said web/mail server. Simply choose something that is in the range before the DHCP pool, like to assign to the server.

On the Linksys, under the port forwarding tab, it should look something like this:
 Application    Start    End    Protocol    IP Address        Enabled
 [WWW    ]    [80   ] [80   ]    TCP      192.168.1.[98]      [x]
 [FTP        ]    [20   ] [21   ]    TCP      192.168.1.[98]      [x]
 [SMTP     ]    [25   ] [25   ]    TCP      192.168.1.[98]      [x]
 [HTTPS   ]    [443  ] [443 ]    TCP      192.168.1.[98]      [x]

For FTP, you might have to enable a "trigger" port
Application    Start Port   End Port    Start Port    End Port  TCP/UDP  Enabled
  [FTP  ]         [21   ]      [21    ]       [1024  ]     [64000]      TCP       [x]

CrestoneCreationsAuthor Commented:
I would LOVE it if I could get the Actiontec out of the loop.  I feel comfortable following your suggestions after this Actiontec comment.

on your statement:
"The ActionTec should be setup as in bridge mode and if you connect the WAN port of the LInksys directly to the Ethernet feed of the ActionTec dsl modem, the Linksys should get a public IP address."

are you saying that in the choices for WAN IP Address for the Actiontec that I should choose "Transparent Bridging (RFC1483 Bridged)  ?

see image at this address:

Yes, if you set it for Transparent Bridging, then the Linksys should get it's WAN IP address directly from the ISP..

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CrestoneCreationsAuthor Commented:
I'm going to try this tomorrow as I can't drop my internet connection right now for this kind of thing.

That actiontec modem is necessary for whatever DSL things it needs to do?
And if we choose Transparent Bridging then it will take it out of the business of being a router, is that it?
Do you think I need to clear out the configurations I put into the actiontec or will the choice for transparent bridging take care of that?


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