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Visio Certification

We're putting out a request for bids on a consultant for network diagraming.  We want someone to come in for a few weeks and daigram (in Visio) our data center network.

Are there any visio certifications that we could list as requirements?  If not, any specifics skills we should list?

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I would make sure the person is an experanced network engineer. They will see things and understand how the network should be mapped... and how it works... Get someone with at least 5 years of datacenter exp under their belt.

As for certs, CCNE if you have alot of Cicso products you need documented (Including configurations) As for MCSE, I wouldn't bother... CNE if you have Novell servers is a nice thing, but if you aren't mapping the servers configurations its not needed.

As for Visio certs... I've never heard of it before, but I could be wrong.

If you can get your paws on an older copy of Visio (I think Visio 2000 has it), it has an autodiscovery feature for networks.  A guy from our regional Microsoft office told me it was removed because of security concerns.

As for the certs, CCNE is not Cisco, it's a nursing program.  CCNA is Cisco but just entry level.  Maybe CCDA (Cisco Cert Design Associate).  I value certs but not too much.  I have a ton of certs but have met a lot of stupid people with certifications as well.

Visio.  I would treat this more like hiring an artist than a technician ("show me your portfolio").  If you like their previous work and its clean, cool.  I might even go two guys, a network guy and a Visio guy.

I don't know how to arbitrarily say 5 years or 10 years or 1 year.  How complex is your network?  Is it a LAN, CAN, MAN, or WAN?  How many sites?  How many routers?  Just infrastructure or servers and infrastructure?  Logical or physical or both?  How much detail?  IP addresses?  Model #?  Serial #?  Config files?  Baselines?

Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable with who you hire.  And don't pay up front.

Yea I just saw it... CCNA... CCNE was a typo... I was prob thinking CNE a few lines ahead...

Actually Visio 2003 has the network discovery feature, its from Fluke networks. Its a seperate add-on. You used to be able to buy it from the MS site as a professional addon a few months ago. (The link is still there but the option to buy it is gone)


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