Using "TV out" of video card (two VGA outputs) while working

Hello experts !

I need to make this situation: on fisrt monitor operator works in software -video player. Video player have to show video in TV by using TV out (Composite or S-video).

ATI, Matrox and others have video cards with two monitor outputs. Such video cards have also TV out.
I suppose that they allows working in primary monitor while watch DVD (or DivX) by TV out.

Please suggest such AGP card that you have experience and all work OK.

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IF I understand you correctly you one one computer to show the information on the screen and have that cloned onto a tv at the same time?

Doing TV out I've had great experience with most every Nvida card  and a ATI cards.

Basically the card suggested depends what else you want to do with the video card.

If you can give more details on what you want to do gaming wise I can recommend a card for you.
dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
Yes, it will be in ONE PC. But I need to work in VGA monitor while watch in same time DVD in TV.
It is NOT clone -let say that on primary VGA I will type somethink, while watch DVD on TV. On TV must shown ONLY DVD.

I have power PC, Win XP + SP2
I don't know of any cards that can do what you want. I used to have a PCI card that could do it: Creative Encore DXr3, but I couldn't get XP drivers that would work with it. I don't know if you can even buy this card anymore. I think the cards demise was due to the availability of extremely low cost separate DVD players. This is the way that I went when I couldn't get my Encore card to work: I bought a separate DVD player for the TV for $50.

My experience with the TV out option of most graphic cards has been less than satisfactory, the picture quality has been so bad that often wondered why card manufacturers bother with it. If you were expecting to watch DVD quality movies from the TV out port, I think you're going to be disappointed
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Most video cards with a second output (vga, tv out...) will let you extend your desktop to the secondary monitor. Then play the dvd on the second monitor in full screen.
If this works depends on the driver software for the Video Card. With the Matrox G450 Dualheaded Card and the Matrox Driver software you are able to select what should be displayed on the 2nd display, like clone desktop, extend desktop or play movies on 2nd Desktop. The Software used for playing those movies must naturally also support this function.

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dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
You are right rindi !

I try DVDMax on G450 and G550 and it is OK !
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