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OLAP Cube Project Server


I am having problem running OLAP Cube. We manually run "Update resource table and OLAP cube" by using 'Update Now" every Monday. Until this yesterday. I got no error from PWA and the "Current Cube Status" showing "The cube building process was initiated on 11/22/04 at 1:30PM". The process never finished. (I left it run overnight normally it would take 40 minutes.)

Application log shows a warning event ID 1:

Event ID 1
Component: Views Notification Service
File: C:\Office\devsp\project\pcportal\source\viewsnotify\
Line: 132
Error Number: 0x800a0005
Description: <Description><![CDATA[The view processor
failed to process the following document:


I restarted OLAP service and OLAP schedule service, rebooted Project server and SQL server. Checked to see if XML files were stucked in ViewDrop folder. Reran OLAP cube Update but the problem is still there.

Nothing has been changed on Project server, PWA or SQL server recently . I have Project server 2003 with SP1. (SP1 was installed with all components for Project, SQL and WSS).

Any suggestions? And thanks.
1 Solution
We've had many problems with this as well. This relates to Project Server 2002, but if you are running 2003, then it's similar, if not identical.

Things to check:
- Are your COM+ objects running? Are they running under an account that is an OLAP administrator?
- Is Sharepoint on the same server or on a different server? Is WNOTIFY.EXE process hung? Is the Views Notification Service running?
- Have you tried to rebuild it manually in the Analysis Manager?
locphamAuthor Commented:
I've resolve this issue by run CUBEBTLS.SQL against the Project server database.


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