WX Glade

I need to build a simple application that compares two files. I know how to write the comparison logic.

I am in the process of developing a GUI to browse the two files- so basically two buttons and clicking them would enable me to browse the directories and get the appropriate files.

I have installed wx glade ...but I am not sure how much can wxglade do...is it useful to just create the buttons and would I then need to use wxpython to actually do the file browsing part??...or is there a nice easy way using wxglade to do all of this??

Please let me know if you know the answers to the above questions.

Thanks in advance!

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ramromconsultant Commented:
AFAIK wxglade andr wxpython specialize in UIs, and the rest of the work must be done in Python.

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just noticed, in Python 2.4 there is a new "difflib" module - quote below taken from http://www.python.org/2.4/highlights.html

"The difflib module now includes an HtmlDiff class that creates an HTML table showing a side by side comparison of two versions of a text."

I haven't installed 2.4 yet, but on the surface this looks like it could be very useful for your application...
wxGlade is very useful for creating the gui, but after having used it for the past week for a school project, there are some things that you should probably know.

1) It is a new program, and thus a little buggy. Save early, and save often. I have learned this lesson several times over. It especially likes to crash if you accidentally name a widget with the same name as another widget in your program. Note that it does not matter if that widget is in another window, you can only have one widget with one name in your whole program.

2) In the generated code, there are parts blocked off by a begin wxGlade comment and an end wxGlade comment. Do not touch the code in there, because if you ever re-generate your code, it will overwrite it.

As for code, you will have to write all the handlers and actual functionality of the code in Python in between the gui code generated by wxGlade. If you need any help with that, let me know. It takes a little while to get used to, but is great once you get the hang of it. Hope this helps.
I have try Wx and I was bored with it's limitation, now I use Gtk :)
well I still have done nothing but it's the road I will take
You can use pyQt and Qt Designer, they are nore powerfull than wx and wxGlade
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