Array to call sequential clip numbers

I have clips that are numbered sequentially that i call in actionscript as:

this.showback.onRollOver = function(){

is there anyway create an array of other method that would enable me to call the function once, and fillin the numbers (1-8).  Something like

fadeout(clip[num])  ?
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Best way I know of is to reference them from the parent movie scope, you can then reference them as:
for(var i = 0;  i<5; i++){

as I mentioned the holdingClip reference just has to be the next movie up your chain, which could very well be _root.

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Better suggested code will be using an extra variable to store the value first before using
You may say is only fancy stuff, but it worths, especially for debugging purpose

temp_clip_name = ""
for(var i = 0;  i<5; i++)
     temp_clip_name = "clip" add i;

bjv211Author Commented:
Savong, works great and the coding is basic enough not to have debugging issues...woo
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