How to embed windows licence key into install CD Rom?

I have a networking lab with 30 PC's. One of the courses being taught is Windows Server Administration where the students will be installing and setting up Windows 2003 Server. We have a Volume License key from MSDN for this purpose so that the machines do not need to all be activated. I do not want to give the key out to the students. I thought there was a way you could embed the licence key into the CD so that it doesnt ask for one. I know some software i get through MSDN already has this but i can't figure out how it's done or even if it's possible for me to do it with windows server. Any help on how to do this is appreciated. thanks.
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The only way I can think of would be to add an answer file to the cd.  That way when setup is running it will pull the key in.  You could also have them install from a network share and use an answer file.

I took some classes once where we had to do an install and they gave us a netowrk boot floppy that started everything for us including the inital command to start setip (winnt.exe).  You could add the path to the answer file to a floppy and the students probably wouldnt even notice that there were command line arguments being used to launch the install.

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aaronwkAuthor Commented:
I finally had time to work on this and indeed the answer file is how to do this. I was able to create a CD with the answer file embedded in it so that students can just boot right from the CD.
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