Sharing Network files outside of a domain

Quick question:

I have a small computer consulting company.  I do quite a few format jobs and have a need to backup the person's hard drive to another computer.

I just recentely setup a domain for my office and have my file server that I used to use to backup to as part of it.  Since I've added the domain, as expected, I can't connect to the file server from the customer's computers without first adding the computer to the domain etc.  I've also tried using the "net use" command but it seems to only work on occasion.

I was wondering if anyone knew of an easy way to accomplish this.  I'm fairly new to setting up domains but have a good understanding of how they work.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.
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You don't need to join the domain, but you need to have a domin login

to map a drive  go my computer -> tools -> map drive

the pick a drive a folder then other user name(this must be a domain user with rights to the folder).  thats it

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What I do is have a Domain Account on each client's domain that matches my regular username and password for my Laptop. Wherever I go I log in to the laptop, and am automatically granted rights to whatever I would have if I had logged on to a PC on the domain direct. I do not have my laptop joined to my work domain, as this means it does not go looking for a DC that it cannot connect to.

This should work in your case - add a user to your domain with the same login/password as the client's, give them access only to one share (unless you trust them totally!) and bobs the brother of your grandfathers son.

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