How can I mute the startup 'chime' sound?

I have my Apple G5 (running the latest Mac OS 10.3.6) connected to my studio speakers and need to mute the 'chime' sound that fires at starup. How can I? Help! That sound is very annoying already - amplifying it is worse! LOL...

I used to have a script I found online for Mac OS 9. Is there similar for OS X?
(Other than hitting mute on the keyboard or disconnecting the speakers...)

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One of the advantages of OS X is that it is designed to run 24/7.
My machines run for weeks without restarting [usually from an
OS or security update].  They sleep when not in use, saving
electricity.  I modified /etc/crontab to run the daily, weekly, and
monthly maintenance at lunch time rather than the middle of
the night (when my machines are asleep).  I also leave my common
applications running all the time.  Because of this, I rarely suffer
delays starting the machine or applications. So I can tolerate one
or two "sprongs" per month.

Safari seems to be the only app I regularly use that doesn't like
to run for weeks on end.  It slows down noticeably and seems
to automatically close browser windows that are several days old,
discarding things I was intentionally keeping.

powermixxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments but it doesn't answer my question.

Interesting question.  I thought I'm the only one who has the problem (sometime).

You can opt to mute the sound of your mac before you shutdown.


A shareware that suppose to 'disable' the startup sound.

Personally, I just make a habit  muting my mac before shutdown.

Good luck.

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I tried this and it worked for me:--

Product Description:

You are fed up with the irritating chime of your Macintosh at startup? You want to remove it?
Then Startup Chime Stopper is what you need!

Startup Chime Stopper allows you to remove the irritating chime of your Macintosh at startup.
- It removes the irritating chime of your Macintosh at startup.
- It is a background application that does not appear in the Dock.
- It doesn't need any installation which makes it very easy to use.
- It is available in English, in French and in German.
Read the whole documentation for more details...

What's new in this version:

- There is no need anymore to restart twice for the application to take effect.
- The application is automatically added to the Login items so that it takes effect at each startup.
- You just need to remove the application from the Login items to ear again the startup chime.

Why you dont want to...

That startup chime is actually a reference that lets the user know all connected componenets on the motherboard have powered up properly...   so in hearing that, you know RAM, CPU, BusContorller, etc...  are AOK, includig, ummm, sound...

If something should be wrong with any of those components, a different tone, if one at all, will resound instead.


powermixxAuthor Commented:
I have the audio output of my Mac connected to a power amplifier and speakers in my studio. Sometimes (although it occurred MUCH more in OS 9.x) I need to restart the computer. In my studio I have so much gear, it's easy for me to forget to mute or turn down the volume. Hearing that tone amplified through a studio system is not very pleasant. If I experience an technical issue with the mac, I would disconnect the audio output to the amp/speakers and continue....but thank you for pointing out that a different tone sounds with some issues. I didn't know that.

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