Using Column Totals in other columns' formulas

I have the following view:

Contributions (View name)
 -Contributor Name (col 1)
 -Number of Contributions (col 2)
 -Percentage of Total Contribution (col 3)

Example Data may look like this:

Fred Lord, 10, ?
John Guy, 90, ?

How do I calculate the 3rd column such that it shows the respective percentage of contributions? (i.e. For Fred = 10% and for John = 90%)

I know how to use column totals (which shows the total number of contributions), but I don't know how to programatticaly get at that value in the column formula for "Percentage of Total Contribution". Any ideas?

I'm not sure which is the best way to go about getting at the percentage?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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in the 3rd column,

is this what you are looking at?

Column to column talking is not possible in NOtes

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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Well, column to column talking is possible in Notes, but not for totals.
(try it : name your first column "column1", put this as value in the second column, et voila)

You could have percentages in your categories - so start with a new column (type of contribution ?) then sort by Contributor name, categorized, then put in the totals column, use 'Percentage', and you would get the percentage of contributions per user.

But maybe a better way to do this, is create a Report document, where you would calculate everything (scheduled agent).  Then just sort the report document in a special view.  I can give you an example agent, I think.


There are built-in options for view column totals called "Percent of parent category" or "Percent of all documents."  It only work for categories, but you can still make use of it -- just make you first column categorized, your second column totalled (regular totals), and your third column totals using one of teh percent options. Mark each column to hide detail valuesNow your view looks like this:

CATEGORY Fred Lord      10      5%
DOCUMENT      <blank>
CATEGORY John Guy       190      95%
DOCUMENT      <blank>
BOTTOM                  100     100%

The bottom line is because Notes will total the overall view as well as each category.

The reason for the blank lines is that each category represents a "group" of documents.  In this case, each group is a single document.  But the category also has all the "indvidual" documentsin the group displayed beneath it.  Of the three columns for teh document, the first is the category, so it only shows at the category level, and the otehr two are set to hide detail values.

Yes, that's ugly, but all you have to do is collapse the view and it looks perfect!
tuttiwalaAuthor Commented:
The question was never really answered to my satisfaction, but I do appreciate the help.

> The question was never really answered to my satisfaction, but I do appreciate the help.
The answer was "that's not posible, here are some things you might try as workarounds."  I guess you won't be satisifed unless we change Lotus's product for you?

- qwaletee
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