Wireless Network - Why cant machines see each other?

I have a wireless network that has the following components:

Belkin wireless router/dsl modem
1 x laptop
1 x workstation

Both the workstation and laptop can connect to the router, and access the internet etc - however they cannot see each other.... why?

I have tried pinging the IP addresses, hostnames - but no luck. They bath use the same workgroup name, but I am running out of ideas. I am a software bod - networking is not my strong point! Please help. Many thanks.
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Sounds like a firewall issue, does either (or both) systems have any firewalls? Check XP firewall, Norton's, Mcafee etc, Zone Alarm, Black Ice etc.

Also check that both PC's have file & printer sharing installed.
Norton Internet Security will block the ping as well as the Windows Firewall.  If you have XP SP 2, the ICMP packets will be blocked by the firewall and this must be changed to be able to see a computer on the network or workgroup.  

Hope that helped!

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thefatmonkeyAuthor Commented:
The laptop is running XP SP2 and the workstation is running Win2k SP4. They both have Norton on, but I disabled it when trying for the connection - they also both have file/ print sharing enabled.

Any further suggestions?
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