How do I set an tcp/ip address on a LaserWriter 16/600?

I have a wireless network through a Linksys router. I have no problem printing wirelessly to my color HP printer via IP. I also have no problem getting on the internet wirelessly.

I do have a problem printing to my LaserWriter 16/600 wirelessly. However, I can print to it over Ethernet if I plug into the network.

I think the problem has to do with setting the IP address. When I look at the IP address through the router, the printer has an address that ends in "105". When the test sheet prints out of the printer, it says the IP address is ""

I am running OS 10.3 -- which is a little new to me.

Any recommendations on getting the LaserWriter hooked up to print wirelessly?

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As far as I know, LaserWriter, when you start it up, will try to get address from Bootp server.  Most of DHCP server can serve Bootp request.  If it can't find a reply from it bootp request, it will automatically set to

You can use Apple Printer Utility (run under OS9) to set IP address for your printer.  (If you don't have a copy, download it from apple ).

The reason of why you can print via wired but not wirelessly is, maybe, because you're printing using appletalk.  Linksys wireless products don't support AppleTalk protocol wirelessly.  If you want to print via linksys wireless equipment, then you have to use other protocol beside AppleTalk.

Good luck.

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a bit addition.  If you've misplaced your LW16/600 manual, download this :

In the Unix setup section, there's an info on how to set IP address to the printer using 'ping' which will be easy to do under OSX (maybe). :)

Good luck.
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