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Sending TCP messages fron real DOS

I need an application that sends TCP messages from DOS, (real DOS)
I am using an Intel PRO 100 card...

It can be as simple as:

Create a socket,

Connect to a server

Send the message

Close socket..

Which is the easiest option to perform this?
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This might help:  from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q151210/

What type of Socket applications are supported by MS-DOS TCP/IP stacks?

MS-DOS TCP/IP for Lanman 2.2c and Microsoft Network Clients 3.0 support DOS Socket application and WinSock 1.1 application. Sockets.exe in MS-DOS TCP/IP is a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program; it allows MS-DOS socket applications to run if they've been written with the Microsoft TCP/IP Sockets Development Kit Version 1.0, using the DOS Socket Library (DOS_SOCK.LIB) available in the Development Kit. WSOCKETS.DLL is provided in Lanman 2.2 SDK to make Windows calls look as they do in MS-DOS.

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RobertoDeAlbaAuthor Commented:
Is Lanman 2.2 Sdk available?

I have just check that if I booted from PXE, I can use somethng called
"undis3c.dos "

For tcp message,

This will also help me...

RobertoDeAlbaAuthor Commented:

I was waitong for some other comments...

I dont know what does exactly happens with an abandoned qurstion.
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