Computer clock is used in employee time clock program, being changed at will by employee's. How to stop? Atomic Clock etc.?

A client uses an employee timeclock module included in a proprietary piece of software (tFBO). This acts as a 'timeclock' for employee's to clock in and out of work. The problem is that the employee's simply have to change the computer lock to change the 'clockin or out' times. This is in a Windows network - 11 wk's running W2K and a server running Server 2003. They only use one machine for the above. The system in logged in as a default 'power user'. Is there any way to prevent people from change the clock time or is there a 3d party software that will handle this?

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ccentralnsbAuthor Commented:
I thank you for the info. I will try the ntrights.exe solution and edit the reg so the clock sync's w/ a time server and get back to you.
I would downgrade them from power users if at all possible :P
Here is an easier way.  Use group policy.

To set the group policy on the local machine so that only Administrators can change the time do the following:

On the machine:
1. Start -> Run -> Type MMC
2. File -> Add/Remove snap-in
3. Select Group Ploicy -> Selcet Local Computer Policy
4. Navigate to the following: Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment
5. On the right locate the policy that syas "Change the system time" Double click it.
6. Remove the Power Users group from the right.

Power users can no longer chnage the system time.  Only Administrators can.

Let me know if this works for you.


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ccentralnsbAuthor Commented:
Simple, easy, 2 minutes to do. All you have to know is how.


P.S. I can use MMC for several solutions.
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