how to design LOGOS? plz provide link to tutorials

Hi guys,
I would like to designs logos for my own site. The theme must be related to SEA. And i've quite familiar with basic Photoshop 7. I have search around the web for LOGO design with photoshop 7 but it rather turn out to be as good as i want. Therefore, if any one would like to share, plz... Any comment or ideas about how to design using photoshop 7 with that theme about are welcomes:
Looking fowards to hear from you all soon :)
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I'm not familar with "SEA" so I don't know what relation you are hoping for, however I'll give a few good logo tips.

1. If you plan on using your logo in a lot of places, you probably will want to draw it with the pen tool in Photoshop, as you can scale it without losing image quality.

2. a Designer friend always reminds me that design your logo so you could recognize it on a postage stamp if needed. Meaning give it a shape that is recognizable and probably contrast will be your friend there. too.

Books are written about logo design, but there's just a need to draw it on a piece of paper.  

consider a few brainstorming ideas.   If you think you have a shape, what would happen if you skewed it so it looked 3D.
In photoshop 7, after you have the shape drawn.  click Ctrl > T  for free transform.  Then hold down the ctrl key again and click one of the corner handles.  your design will begin to take shape in a percieved 3D look.   Always try it to see what you can get.

Here is a link to a great color scheme site.  you can experiement with color comparisons

here is a link for creating graphics in photoshop.  One of my favorite sites

to personalize your logo, think of a favorite thing of yours. something personal to you. a favorite animal, or old toy, or some kind of image you've seen in a dream.  If you're ever asked to explain the logo, it can be about you, or you can create it based on your organization.

for instance, people creating a logo, will think about the organization and if it started with 5 people, they'll try to create a logo with 5 objects in it some how.  

You can also look at icons for practice. Icons are great because they are simple and you can build from them.

Here is a cool site which pulls random icon searches off the internet.  you could take one and build your own graphic similar to it.  Dont' steal it though because you won't be as happy with it and you might run into legal issues quick.

Here is a link to my webpage,  which has a ton of photoshop tutorial links

click on the photoshop digital cameras line, and the sites will drop down.  I've been collecting the good ones for quite a while.

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sokhodomAuthor Commented:
Thank michael,
You are very detail which is very good.. I love it. However, you mentioned about the icons:
How can i use icon to build a LOGO? can we import .ico into photoshop and it will leads to layers as well? What else can .ico used for? Can i used .ico in flash? or need to convert back to .jpg first?
To answer the icon question, you won't be able to import the .ico file in windows.  However from the link I provided you can look at look at how companies and individuals have created a shape that might stand out and be legible and unique even in a space of 16 x 16 pixels.  It's a challenge, but definitely worth exploring.  

so I mainly gave you that site as what to look at, not so much import into photoshop.
For your logo, will you include a unique font?
Look at some of these free fonts and download them.

Remember check the usage of them a lot of fonts are free for non-commercial use.  You can get around that by modifying a rasterized font in photoshop using free transform.  then it technically becomes your own type.

One site I found rants about too many logos using a swoosh graphic.  He's totally right.  Try to avoid it.
check out this link:
One logo I made for an electric company.  The owner has it on his truck now.  I used his colors he wanted, kept it simple.  It's not the best logo by any means, but it's not too bad.  I used illustrator so that I could reuse any of the vector graphics.
photoshop is great, but many people will use a vector program to create logos because they will scale to any size, small or large.

After looking around bit more, I found websites for you. 
this one is an example about how to design logos, pretty intelligent.

One of the photoshop learning links that I provided from my website  was pegaweb.  they even have a "how to design logo in photoshop"
it's a pretty good tutorial.

Decide on a concept. For instance, if you have an audio company.  You're concept might be something with a speaker.  Computer company, maybe you want some kind of elctronic type logo.  if it's a toy company, something colorful.  Look at the fonts.  Conservative, small, big broad?  multicolor.

definitely experiement with coloring and varying the sizes of each of the words in the company name.  like if it was  " Brand name Toys". change the color of "Toys"

Keep it simple, and use colors you'll like.  Or create it in a way that you could use many colors over time.  Your logo might grow over time. Eventually you'll make one more detailed, with 3D embossing maybe.  It might be on hats, posters, computer icons.   Also a great idea would be check out a book on Logos at the library.  

go to your local library website, search the catalog for Logos, and see if you can find a book on designs.  No cost, just gas to the library. Also some libraries carry public domain clipart in a disc set.  perhaps looking at that will help you see things in single color.

All logos should be able to be recognized on single color.  For faxes , copies, and 1 color printing.  Any logo with gradients, risks not having a way to print, embroider, or ink transfer.

Main thing is, try 1 color at first, then 2 colors.  See how far you get with it.  find your shape, animal vegetable, mineral, and experiment on paper.  Once you get that. You'll have a purpose in photoshop.  Those tutorials are great, but having your own graphic to draw is where you'll get motivated to do it properly.

If you don't have illustrator and want to try vector graphics, consider inkscape.
free awesome vector graphics tool.  saves out svg as a working format, but when you send it to a printer, make them an EPS file for sure.
Using a vector graphics program will help you understand paths, making shapes and using simple colors.
Also any graphic you make, you can group the elements and scale it as big as you want.  Bring the EPS file into photoshop and it will ask you what quality to import.  very flexible.

I hope this helps you. I'd love the points for the question, let me know if I can help further.
sokhodomAuthor Commented:
Just a quick questions: I've seen Adobe has SO Many products. What's the difference:
Let's compare Photoshop and Illustrator for example. Can you point out some of the difference? Which one is PREFERED by logo Designers to build logo?
Hey thanks for the reply so soon. Sure i know who will get the points now : )
Cheers buddy,
sokhodomAuthor Commented:
Thanks michael for your effort :)
I appreciate a lot.
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