Advanced LAN Settings

How can I configure Advanced Lan Settings ( IP Address , DNS , Gateway and subnet Mask ) in my Delphi code ?

I want to make on windows XP / 2000 and also Win 9x.

Thank You
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BlackTigerXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here's a link that shows how to change dns addresses, seems like is "simple" registry settings
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
> I want to make on windows XP / 2000 and also Win 9x.
Well, that would be a huge problem since Win9x uses a different setup mechanism than XP/2000. And on XP/2000 there's also something like the security mechanism that will prevent applications making these kinds of changes. (It's a big security risk if applications can just mess around with it.) I don't know the solution to your question but am curious myself too.
HaithamEgyAuthor Commented:
I found the keys that I should modify in the registry but it requires writing multi-string value to the registry. I know how to write a string value to registry but i don't know how to write a multi-string value.I found an answer on Experts-Exchange to writing multi-string but it wasn't useful for me. I couldn't write the code corrctly.can you write for me a sample code for writing multi-string values to the registry ?
Thank You.
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