Lower layer distortions due to higher layer on/off instances of a graphic

Ive got a Flash5 project that has a large image graphic on the lowest layer.
When (smaller sized) instances of higher layers turn on, these higher layer instances cause a wrinkling distorting effect of the lower layer graphic, around the vicinity of the higher layer.
The higher layer objects are coloured boxes, text and image, with external arrows, that appear in response to hotspots on main lower image [ a mouse hover overview map]
I have all the bits of the higher layer components grouped and are graphic instances.
I cant see why the lower layer is distorting. Some areas of the main image dont seem to do this very much, while other areas do, depending on where a particular higher layer is set to appear.
Any suggestions very welcome, thanks.
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Hi there.

What you're describing I have never heard of or seen.

In terms of the distortion, is this at development time, or runtime?
Can you do a screenshot and post it somewhere?

I don't have flash 5 on this machine, so i don't think the fla will help, but just so I can see what you're describing.

Is the image rotated, scaled or twisted in any way; this is the only thing I can think of that might effect the way it renders (and as it will be re-drawn as layers are added above it).
Jeff_KAuthor Commented:
The distortion is to do with the diagonal arrows that extend out from the text boxes. The edge of the distortion coincides with the invisible blue rectangular border that the diagonal arrow object has around it when selected in dev mode. I grouped the arrow to the text box, and now the extended blue grouped line causes the distortion too.

The effect is only seen in run mode, not in dev mode. Where the invisble blue line extends out from the text box, causes the lower layer image to shift slightly to the right, but outside the blue line area, the layer image returns to normal, so in effect it can cause a section of lower level straight line to suddenly diverge a fraction to the right, then go back to its original position. does this make sense? I will try and post a pic somewhere if this doesnt make sense.

it seems the effect is only present where the blue selection line is encompassing an object, but where there is vacant space (no object or fill) in the vicinity - such as around the diagonal arrows. The distortion isnt around the text boxes themselves as they have fill? Something to do with the particualar grouped area having no object and therefore being transparent?? I dont know.
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Jeff_KAuthor Commented:
More info. Looks like its something to do with drivers perhaps??
Copied the fla file to another machine (Win98 with FlashMX installed) pubished it via MX. Looked good when viewed the published exe on the win98 machine. Copied this exe back to original machine (Win2000, Flash5) viewed the exe, which had the distortions present.
Sorry, your being nicely descriptive, I just can't picture it.  Like blue-genie has suggested, is there a way that we can see either the SWF, or at least some screen-shots.

I guess it might be a driver problem, but it's difficult to say...
Jeff_KAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Ive posted two screenshots of the exe here...
I'm afraid I've got no idea :-(

Can you upgrade the project to MX, if that cures it?

Maybe blue-genie has more of an inkling...

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