wowexec.exe not closing via ts

Hi Guys
What I've got is a win2k server running TS.
After I ran an automatic update on it. Everything ran fine.
They run a 16bit application via ts, the session calls the program when you log in.
Whats happening is that when you close the application the wowexec.exe is not closing afterwards. I need to terminate the process then it logs off.
I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before and knows what to do. This is the only 16bit app so I can't clarify if it will happen with any one. I understand that wowexec.exe stays open by design but its just that it never used to prior to running the updates.
Other than using a script to kill the process after the app is closed it there another way to get around this?
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paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
wowexec.exe description:
When you start a 16-bit program on a computer running Windows NT/2000/XP, the Ntvdm.exe and Wowexec.exe processes start. After you quit the 16-bit program, the Ntvdm.exe and Wowexec.exe processes remain in memory. This behavior is a design feature of Windows NT. The Ntvdm.exe and Wowexec.exe processes remain in memory in case you start another 16-bit program. Leaving the Windows-On-Windows (WOW) environment (which consists of the Ntvdm.exe and Wowexec.exe processes) in memory improves performance. The WOW environment is not loaded when you start Windows. It is loaded when you first start a 16-bit program.

wowexec.exe is a part the operating system, and supports the use of 16-bit procseses.This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

Check this :
Can you check your Add/Remove programs and see what Automatic Updates added caused this issue?  Or you can go to WindowsUpdate website and see a history of your updates.

Try removing those updates that seemed to cause this and see if the problem goes away.

We are experiencing the same problems on our Citrix server and it is causing too many sessions to not terminate properly.  But, we don't know when this started to happen.  According to the documentation about wowexec.exe, it says that in Windows NT 4.0, this is by design.  But, it sounded like Windows 2000 and greater should've removed NTVDM and WOWEXEC from memory after the last 16-bit app. closed.
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