VirtualHost with IIS 6

Hi folks,

I know this is easy to do with Apache but we're stuck with IIS 6.

Is there a way to do virtual hosting with IIS6?

I have and it works fine and well,

we're registering and we want this to simply remap to

How can I do this?

I'd offer more points but this is all I have right now. Sorry.

Thanks in advance.
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Simply add another Host Header to the site (if you are using them, don't bother if you;re not) and register the domain name with the same IP address as the other site.

IIS will respond to any traffic that comes in on an IP it is assigned to if it has a Host Header for that domain name (or any if no Host Header is set).

Dave Dietz

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You can host multiple sites on IIS by using either different IP addresses, host headers, or different ports.  The third one is impractical, so it's best to leave it out.  The other two options are preferred.

Some MS articles to look at:

Adding websites to your server -

Creating Multiple Sites Using Host Header Names -

Creating Multiple Sites Using Multiple IP Addresses -

You may also want to look at this Win2003/IIS 6 tutorial -

What you would do in the example you've given in your question is create two websites in IIS, one for and one for  When you set up the second site, instead of defining the home directory as 'A directory located on this computer' or 'A share located on another computer', you can choose 'A redirection to a URL' and input  Make sure you also check the 'A permanent redirection for this resouce' box.
PNdeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much all. Host headers is exactly what I needed. Thanks a ton to Dave Dietz and humeniuk.

Given that the points are minimal I decided to give them to Dave since he answered first. Soon as I get more points, I'll send them your way humeniuk. I did in fact use your links to find more on the subject.

Thank you thank you thank you.
Should;ve cut and copied from the link instead of posting the link :-0. Then my answer woudl;'ve been accpeted
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