I need to install Windows XP on my laptop with no CDROM

I Have a Sony Vaio PCG-Z505SX and this is my problem. The cdrom doesn't work and there is no floppy, but I need to install Windows XP.  I tried using restore disk to restore the computer and after formatting the hard drive the cdrom stopped working.  Now the hard drive is blank and I need to install Windows XP.  I have the network card attachment and the laptop does have onboard usb.

I have another laptop that I am able to swap hard drives with if that can be used as part of a solution, I’m not sure.  But for now, after booting up the Sony laptop it says “NTLDR is missing.”  Thanks, Kevin
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I would not recomend swapping HDD then installing XP and then swapping back, the chances of this working are not great. Somw times you may be lucky and can boot into safe mode  and removes everything from device manager and reboot.

You really need to get a CD ROM drive. Can you get a CD drive to work from USB and enable USB boot support from the BIOS, maybe that will work.

>> I have another laptop that I am able to swap hard drives with if that can be used as part of a solution
You can install XP in the other system and then can use the below method to move the hard drive to another system!

How to Move a Windows XP Installation to Different Hardware
looking916Author Commented:
Is there any way I could install windows xp from the Hard Drive by copying the cd to disk. I tried the microsoft link but was unable to figure out how to get started. Any help would be appreciated. Kevin
All you need is the i386 directory.  

I recently used a USB Memory Key (512MB yum).  But if I had a laptop here right now without a CD, I would get a network bootdisk from http://www.bootdisk.com/ or make my own... (hopefully, the NIC is Intel or something common) and try that route first.  That is only if I didn't already had a Windows 9x or 2k or other networking on it already.  Anyways any quick easy network way of getting an i386 directory onto the harddrive.  If that failed, I would resort to using a screwdriver and hooking up the drive to a computer and then copying the i386 onto the drive (I would actually move anything I needed off it too leaving it empty except the i386).  I would also SYS the drive so I could boot to DOS.

Oh, you don't have a floppy either.  Well, if it still had windows 9x on it or whatever, I'd copy i386 over the network from within that.  

After puting the i386 files on it, If it still had an OS on it, I would rename all the directories like windows, xwin and xpro and xdocs to get them out of the way and move any files in the root directory into a c:\Xold\ directory.

Next, I'd just go into the i386 directory from dos and run WINNT.EXE to install.    Once installed I would convert the disk from FAT32 to NTFS.  When you copy the i386 files over, you should also copy all the Drivers you'll need too... definately the network drivers (most important), then go to the laptop website to see if there are any additional updated drivers.  You should also definately update the BIOS.  Copy that over too.  The BIOS would be thing number 1 to do.

Get as much RAM as you can for that laptop for use with XP, max it out.

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