How to make first field in crystal report 8.5 formula bold containing concatenation more than two fields

   i am using crystal report 8.5 and have formula which
 contains two fields like @emp_data (formula)
 which contains two fields
 ({emp.emp_name}) + ' ' + ({emp.emp_add})

 i want ({emp.emp_name})  should appear in bold
 while rest in i.e. ({emp.emp_add})
in normal character.

 i have tried with paragraph formatting to html text
 but its giving error in formula as well as truncating rest part i.e. address.
Also , doing bold the whole formula is not i want.

hope to get answer soon...


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This works with CR 8 and 9, so I assume it will work in 8.5:

"<b>" + {emp.emp_name} + "</b> - " + {emp.emp_add}

As long as both fields are strings, and the length of the strings combined is <= 254 characters, that should work.


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sensitiveAuthor Commented:
hi dave
  thanx 4 takin interest . i have tried it
but its not working infact it is concatting with
like output:
<b> John</b>- A 77 .....
i have tried this with paragraph formatting
option with text to html as well as none option
out put is same.
Any other way
Place a text object onto the report, and make it as wide as {emp.emp_name} + ' ' + {emp.emp_add} can be.  Put the {emp.emp_name} field on the report, make it bold, then drag it into the text object.  Put your cursor in the text object after {emp.emp_name}, and put a space.  Then, just drag the {emp.emp_add} field into the text object.


sensitiveAuthor Commented:
hi dave

   wat u have told me this time was doing earlier
 there was problem with formatting as name
 was taking sometimes 2 lines while address
 sometimes was taking more than allocated
 space thats why i have to combine them in
 formula with address starting from new line
 Here in formula only problem i faced was
 bolding of first field i.e. name here.

 as with html syntax am i missing something
 thats why it taking as string combining with name
 wat do u say.....

sensitiveAuthor Commented:
hi dave
           i have accepted ur paragraph formatting
 ans but its not working with same version of
 crystal report 8.5 on required  machine
 any reason!!!!!!!!!!1

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