Program Not running

  I have a compaq presario PC with windows XP and 190 MB RAM the HDD is of 20GB
 my PC is getting slower day by day and it also takes lot of time while booting ,
 processing etc, though i have not installed many heavy background services or softwares into
 it.Moreover it so happens when I open some programs like Paint brush it shows up an postcard
 size windows with heading "microsoft windows explorer" send error report , don' send. I know
 that this message box comes up only in XP , but I was unable to run my program the exe never
 gets open, Which file is corrupted and what's the resolution for this??

kindly help experts
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Have you already done the basic stuff? ie. Disk Defrag, scanned for spyware and adware, used disk clean-up? Do you have updated anti-virus definitions?

Adaware is an excellent spyware and adware clean-up utility, you can find if for free on

You can turn off the error reporting by opening Control Panel, System, the "Advanced" tab, and then the "Error Reporting" button. Here you can disable that message.

190 MB Ram is rather low for windows xp, this can cause it to slowdown. Add some memory and the speed should improve.
If you click "More Information" it *might* tell you what file caused the problem (e.g. you might have an older file on there)

basically the error report screen loads *whenever* a program crashes, a crash could be caused by faulty programming or more often than not, old or mismatched DLL files...

Visit the crashing programs websites' (if they have one) and download and install the latest patches and versions of their programs..

I see you are a Windows XP user, installing "Service Pack 2" to update your computer to include all the latest Microsoft bugfixes and improvements will also copy across many new DLL files which should help
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1)by the way.. try to check.. are there n e worm infection.. worm will really flood your processing speed, thus making the whole system as slow as a turtle.

2)try to make virus scannning.
if tht dosnt sensor n e thing, try to download antivirus to double confirm.

3)well.. another 1 thing.. try to check your system with the command (goto start > run.. and type ) msconfig

maybe there are hidden process triggered when u start the system. If proven, try to disable the program and restart.


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Save you data, format and reinstall. Get a good antivirus, firewall and Anti-SpyWare like Spy Bot or Ad-aware ...

I agree with rindi, 190 meg is low for XP, I'd reccomend 256 minimum. My system Idle uses 185 meg, then again I have 512 meg installed... When I went from 128 meg, to my 512, the system increased it's speed by 10 times!!!! A 256 meg stick of mem only cost about $35 now, so why not look into an upgrade.

But before doing that, take care of the stuff in my first post.

I agree with the guys above.  Sounds like problems I have seen on a worm infected machine.  It slows down over time due to the replication of the worm and whenever you open something it spawns the worm to try and send itself out.  Run a good worm virus program.  Not all virus programs detect worms.  Look for one that specifically targets worms.    If worse comes to worse, move all your data off the machine and fdisk it.

Worms are real boogers to kill.
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