http://localhost does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services installed.

Using a brand new Dell8600... Win XP sp2... Properly Installed IIS + FP Server Extentions...

1) Installed IIS + FP server Extentions from "Add/remove windows componensts"
2) FP Server Extentions are working fine checking from the Computer Manager consolle...
3) I can browse from IE the http://localhost
4) I can also browse the .asp files
5) When I check the the: Computer Management (local), WebSites, default Web Sites, then I right
click>>>All tasks>>> Check Server Extentions and the result bis " No Problem Found".

But... I have a problem:

a) If I try to Open to FrontPage the http://localhost from IE (clicking the FP Icon), I receive the following error:
 (RED "X") the the following text "The Specified File or Web site does not exist"

and if as alternative

b) If I try to publish my Internet web site ( to my new laptod to" http://localhost, I receive the following message:
Unable to open 'http://localhost'. Server error: The Web server at "http://localhost" does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services installed.
.... Giving then a list of poosible causes...

This IIS and its FP Extentions has been a nightmare for years... Every time I ourchase a new Computer, I have to loose days to make it running... Once it runs it is OK for years...

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There is a difference between sharepoint extensions and frontpage extensions. If you want sharepoint extensions you'll have to lose frontpage extensions on that site (It might still work using frontpage through the sharepoint extensions, i don't know)

You could try turning off your firewall and see if it makes a difference

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artisticaAuthor Commented:
I am not near the computer in question at this time but later I will try to turn off my firewall to see if it makes a difference.

About SharePoint extentions: The only thing I know is that my web & shopping cart need FP Extentions. Previous IIS web sites have been working fine just with FP Extentions, so we will stick to them not knowing exactly what SharePoint Ext. does and IF will create other prblems.

I will get back to you later.
artisticaAuthor Commented:
Turning off the firewall allowed me to install FP Server Extentions.
I can see them installed when I check at: fpmmc where I see the following directories:

- Console Root
    - FrontPage Servere Extentions
        - MARCODELL8600
            - /LM/W32vc
But I kind still have the same problem, because I am not able to publish from my live web site ( to my ocal computer (http://localhost) using the "FrontaPage or Sharepoint Services" option. I am able to publish using WebDAV option though...

When I try to publish to http://localhost I receive the following long message:

Unable to open "http://localhost".
Server error: The Web server at "http://localhost" does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services Installed.
possible Causes:
1. The web server may not have the FrontPage Server Extentions installed.
2. The web server may be temporarily out of service.
3. If you are connecting through a proxi servere, the proxy settings may be incorrect.
4. An error may have occurred in the web server.

If this server does not support the FrontPage Server Extentions, FrontPage may still be able to publish to the server vi FTP or WebDAV. Please select one of these options and try again.
End of error message.

Now, please note:
Why the error message states:
The Web server at "http://localhost" does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services Installed
when I Do not want to use neither I selected Win SaherPoint Services?

Please a need a step-by-step trouble shooting guide.
All I want is to be able to work on my "localhost".

Looking forward to hear from you.
Thank You!
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artisticaAuthor Commented:
I want to add that I went to:

- Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services > MARCODELL8600 (Local computer) > Web Sites > Default Web Site (I can see all the folders of my web site here).
Selected "Default Web Site> Right Click Mouse> All Tasks > Check Server Extentions.

After a while I receive the following Message:

 No problems found
 End check 12/2/2004 11:36:17 PM


Also I wanted to remind you that I CAN browse http://localhost from IE.

3. If you are connecting through a proxi servere, the proxy settings may be incorrect.

does disabling your proxy help?
you should check your proxy settings and make sure and localhost etc are in the exclude list

I maybe misunderstanding your question , but sharepoint services (wss2003) will only run on windows server 2003. Sharepoint services is a free download from Microsoft. The idea being to get to to upgrade your version of office to the latest version. It needs to  its own application pool in order to run and yes you will need to uninstall frontpage extensions. You will also need to decided on what SQL database engine if you have SQL server installed then it  this will give a performance edge, but if not you will need to install MSDE version.

If  you have no server the only way is to use virtual PC , but you will still need a valid windows 2003 server licence.

Hope this helps

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