ADSI with c# ( questions and help

Hi there,

I wonder if anybody can help?

I have been trying to looki at implementing ADSI with c# ( but it has been very hard to find any documentation to the available object, methods, properties etc.

Tried search for a book but nothing withc#,

Does anybody know where i can find some documention or help with ADSI ... specifically with c#

Also, i noticed ADSI uses COM (am I right?), so is ADSI an old technology that is going to be replaced (or already replaced) with a new technology??

Is ADSI installed autoamtically with Windows 2003 Server (IIS) and

My main aim with adsi is to be able to create Websites, ftp accounts, Email accounts (which i have only found MS Exchange to support, maybe I am wrong??)

Any help or information with regards to any of the above woudl be really appreciated

Thanks in advance

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You use ADSI via the System.DirectoryServices namespace. There is an overview at:

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  Try following links also. Hope it helps you.

ianinspainAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, actually I managed to pickup an ADSI help file, which is very VB /VBSCRIPT types

Anyone know an easy way to use this and convert to .NET classes.... is there an easy way??

I wish somebody would produce a c# / ADSI book..

ADSI books seem very thin on the ground..

That is exactly what the System.DirectoryServices namespace is all about. Here is an example that adds a user to a group:

DirectoryEntry dom = new DirectoryEntry();
DirectoryEntry group = dom.Children.Find("CN=Consulting");

// Add a single user to a group;
DirectoryEntry usr = group.Children.Find("CN=New User");

// To add multiple users to a group use
//group.Properties["member"].AddRange(new string[] {"userDN1","userDN2"});

//To add the user's distinguished name to the member property
//on the group object, use the Add method.

//Commit the changes to the directory.

As an alternative, search MSDN for "Using COM Interop to Access ADSI".
ianinspainAuthor Commented:
cheers guys! points split,.

Best regards

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