Oracle Equivalent of Print in SQL Server


I'm new to Oracle.Im now converting SQL stored procedure to Oracle stored procedure.As in my Sql Stored procedure, i have those print 'record inserted into xxx table' to show whether the records successfully inserted to different table.Is there anyway i can do the same in Oracle in order to track what has the stored procedures done?

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dbms_output.put_line(YOUR variables)

you will need to SET SERVEROUTPUT ON before the above line will display the results in SQL Plus window
NievergeltSenior SW DevCommented:
Actually, in a script, you need to use CALL, only in PL/SQL it works without.
Also, the function requires one parameter; you can use it like this:


DBMS_OUTPUT has a limit on how many characters you can output, so you will probably like to add the following statement after the SET SERVEROUTPUT :

sinwee80Author Commented:
If i have a db program which execute this stored procedure, Can this dbms_output.put_line(YOUR variables)
captured in the vb program to log to a file?
NievergeltSenior SW DevCommented:
You best look first at the documentation:

As you see there, DBMS_OUTPUT actually writes to a buffer.
With DBMS_OUTPUT.GET_LINE or DBMS_OUTPUT.GET_LINES you can retrieve the contents of that buffer in your program.

Alternatively, you could use supplied package UTL_FILE to write to a file:

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