Cant print with Winfax pro 10.03?

Hi im trying to use Winfax Pro 10.03 and for some reason I cant get it to print the incoming fax's. The printer im using is on the network and is able to print fine, if I right click on a fax then select print it comes out fine. But when it automatically trys to print an incoming fax it says the printer is unavailable.

Under program setup I went into receive then clicked after receive and put a tick in print. Then I clicked the setup button and selected the printer I want to use from the list and pressed ok.

I cant see what has gone wrong. Also is there any way that I can make it email all incoming fax's to a specific email address?
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Start Program Setup.
       How to …
2      In the list, double click Receive. The Receive Properties dialog appears.
3      Click the After Receive tab.
4      In the Options section, enable Print.
5      If you want printed faxes to appear as "read" messages (unbolded) in the Logs window, enable Mark Event As Read After Printing.
6      Click Setup. The Print On Receive dialog appears.
7      If you want to print message information with the fax, do the following:

a      Enable Print These Confirmation Details.
b      By default, WinFax prints all details listed in the Printed list. To remove a detail, click it and click Remove. To add a detail, click it in the Available list and click Add.

8      In the Print Fax Pages section, specify how you want WinFax to print multiple page faxes.
9      Click Setup. The Print Setup dialog appears.
10      Select the appropriate printer and click OK. The Print On Receive dialog reappears.
11      Click OK. The Receive Properties dialog reappears.


Do not select WinFax as your printer in the Print Setup dialog.

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