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non echoed passwords

hi, part of the program that i am writing needs to get  a password from the user.
i've been trying to come up with a way to not echo the password as the user types, much like the unix login or other command like programs like gpg, but sor far i only get exceptions.

is there a standard way to do this?

if possible i need a solution that migth work in both win32 and linux patforms.

thanks, any help is appreciated.
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on linux you have
getpass() call. take a look at its man page.
urifAuthor Commented:
from the man page

       This function is obsolete. Do not use it.
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i am not sure if readpassphrase() will be present on linux, but
you can check that out too. Plus i doubt if the method will
be portable to windows. to set the terminal echoing off, getpass()
issues ioctl() or tcsetattr().

hope this helps
urifAuthor Commented:

everywhere i look is says don't use getpass()...
any idea why?

in anycase what about win32?
Hmm, there are a few reasons for it

 most of the implementations of getpass usually return the password
     in a static buffer stored in the function. so subsequent calls to getpass()
     will overwrite the previously read password. U may need to
     copy the newly read password in your own buffer if u are going to use it
Hi urif,

there's a function getch() in "conio.h" (MSVC60) which returns a character without echoing it to the console. you'll have to print the '*' by youself then.

Cheers! S.
urifAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone
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