Screen activities Recording with

Hi Idle Mind,

I an new to and developing an application.I want to Capture activities
on screen during run time like mouse movements and editing in ms word etc
so require some code example in

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I would look at the Windows media encoder software development kit  at  as most of it is written already by MS and also there are very comprehensive code examples of how to use the encoding clases.

Good luck
bkniaziAuthor Commented:
any more help plz
bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Use your link but it requires windows media encoder should be installed.
How i can do it without installing the window media encoder with coding.
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bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Dear armoghan
You have used the windows media encoder's object wmencoder
Can you please help me to do it without using this object so that the installation of
the windows media encoder is completely eliminated.
Ok :)
Second way
try Capturemation

Add this software in your application it accepts the command line arguments.
use Process.Start() to save the activity

bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Hi armoghan.
There is some problem in downloading the software, and as you know that I require some
tool for the purpose of recording screen activity that should be a little application
with code that fulfill some features of screen recording so that i can enhance it
for my application.
Please send an application that not have any dependency on other softwares.
Thanks for your valuable comments.
Unfortunately there is no other method to do it , that I know. :(
and other solutions are not that perfect like capturing screen and then making it a movie
You do not require media encoder to be installed on the users machine just the free software development kit on your machine.

It is based on a single, fully managed .net class which you use in your code just as you would any other object. It looks difficult at first but once you get your head around it you will find it simple.

Just to re-iterate there is a program caled windows media encoder which is simply an example of what you can do with the media encoder software development kit  (SDK). The encoder SDK which I mentioned merely a set of managed .net classes for you to use.
bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Hi armoghan,
The example you have sent on codeproject is working well but I cannot
understand how to make better the quality of the output movie so that
it look just like the original screen because its looking is not very good
please add some code for the quality improvement to the project.

"Windows Media Video 8 for Local Area Network (384 Kbps)"
"Screen Video/Audio High (CBR)"
bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Dear arghmon,
I have change it but when i want to open the output media file in windows media player
it gives an error message "Unable to download an appropriate decompressor."
Please give an alternative solution.
I have tested it with me it works fine with me

Try changing the output file extension to wmv instead of AVI
bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Hi arghmon,
The problem is not solved I have tried it.Any more help please
Install Windows Media Player 10

uncomment these line and see which encoders are present on your system

For i = 0 To lLength - 1

Try using others
bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Dear armoghan,

I did it as you told and appreciate your knowledge, the application is working fine.
I will gave the points to you, I am asking one more question related to this topic.
I hope you can answer it.Can I include some of the dll's of the windows media encoder
with my project's setup so that the user can only register the dlls and the user did not
install the windows media encoder.
I do not want to add the complete setup of windows media encoder with my project
so is it possible? Please provide a complete solution for it.
Waiting for your reply.Thanks a lot......................................................
Actually Its more of an issue of redistributing thing with installer.
I have not made redistributions and setups. So i am not familiar with this thing.

To identify which DLLs to be used is quite difficult. Usually all are interdependent. The Encoder is quite small - few Mbs

I would suggest post a new question about including such applications in the setup

This is what is written in the help
When you distribute applications based on the Windows Media Encoder SDK, you must also include the Windows Media Encoder software, either by redistributing Windows Media Encoder in your setup or by requiring your users to install Windows Media Encoder themselves.

If you want to redistribute Windows Media Encoder, you must include and run the WMEncoder.exe installation file in your setup, which is located on the Download Center on the Microsoft Web site. Or, if you want end users to install Windows Media Encoder themselves, you can direct them to this Web site.

By default, Windows Media Encoder is installed in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Components\Encoder.

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bkniaziAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot armoghan Asif,
Yours sugessted answers are helpful for me.
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