Boot Sector

I'm using asm112 to write a program to floppy boot sector.

Here's the code

        mov     ax,07c0
        mov     ds,ax
        xor     bx,bx
        mov     ah,0e
        mov     si,offset(string)
@1      lodsb
        cmp     al,00
        je      @2
        int     10
        jmps    @1
@2      xor     ah,ah
        int     16
        callf   ffff:0000

string  db      'Sorry, this disk is not bootable.' 0a 0d
        db      'Please insert another disk and press any key to reboot.' 0a 0d 00

THIS works fine. However i want to create it myself in DEBUG. Heres what i'm doing

f 0000 ffff 00; fill address range in debug.
r cx: 01ff;
w 0 0 0 1; write blank address range to floppy boot sec

a0000; start assembling at offset 0000
   mov ax,07c0
   mov ds,ax
   mov es,ax
   mov cs,ax
   mov ss,ax
  db 'Hello World $'
   mov ah,09
   mov dx,offset for db
   int 21
   int 20

rcx: 01ff
w 0 0 0 1

then i clear memory again and reload the floppy boot sector to make sure it
is written.

However when i start the computer with the floppy i get nothing.

Any suggestions. I have tried various things and even used jmp from first address to 003e. and started my code there but no joy still.

PS. I'd offer more points if only i had them.
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I'm not familiar with your method of writing to the floppy boot sector. Are you sure it is doing its job properly?
Newt6398Author Commented:
Not 100% put i do recall doing it in this way a year or so ago and it worked fine. I'm just missing something crutial. But i cannot remember.
Nett6398, theres nothing wrong with writing to the floppy that way.. one point, int 21h is a dos function call and wont be present at boot time ;-) may you should use int 10h

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