Problem with dynamic 404 error page in php on iis

I am running IIS 5 with php

I want a dynamically generated 404 error page

I definded my 404error.php  page in the custom errors section of my website settings

when i run the page the file is returned but the php scripts do not run. In fact they actually show up as body copy

does any one have any advice?

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First, does php run at all? (Create a new file with <?php phpinfo(); ?> in it, and make sure it gets run.)

Have you tried defining a normal html page as the error page and putting a simple redirect to the php page on the html page?
mediatimebombAuthor Commented:
yes php runs and i would rather avoid yet another redirect expecially off the 404 page.

i need to read some variable e.g. what page was called right on the 404 if i pass it in a simple ridirect i cannot do this
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Well, you could

Page 404.html

window.location = "404.php"

Page 404.php
$thepage = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];
404 page not found, you request page <?php echo($page); ?> and it was not found.. please check the URL and try again, blah blah blah

Because if I remember correctly, the 404 page is not redirected, rather the page requested is re-written with the contents of the 404 page. Thus the referer is still going to be the page requested.

mediatimebombAuthor Commented:
I do appreciate the above suggestions but they are not the solution i need for this to work. I do now want to run sripts on this page the purpose of me wanting to run php on the 404 page is to get a dynamic site map on there will links that SEO spiders can crawl. Having a javascript redirect will put a stop to that

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