ARP and Netgear FVS318 Router

We use a lot of netgear FVS318 routers on our wireless network as cheap vpn and client routers.  The network gateway is a Redhat 9 Server with IPtables.  We are finding that when a client with an FVS318 router (latest firmware) is accessing the web the router is asking 3 times for each ARP request, typically the linux router, while there is traffic going across that link the router is continuously asking for the same ARP inforamtion.  

We also have many Netgear RP614 and FVL328 routers, however they do not exhibit the same issues.

As we have a lot of the FVS318 routers and each client has a lot of data across their connections the ARP traffic is huge.

Any ideas ?
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You're seeing this on the Internet interface of the FVS318? You've also said it's typically for the linux router, so does it receive a response? What are the other IP addresses it's ARPing for?

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michael334Author Commented:
AS the isp i am monitoring the traffic on the WAN port of the FVS 318, the repeating arp requests are being made to our linux router, it does receive a response however the router seems to ask 3 times for each request.  Using ethereal to monitor the traffic you see the 3 requests and a single response, some more traffic eg www and then about 5 seconds later another 3 ARP request for the same ip (linux router) as before.  

Whilst the site is generating internet traffic this continues to happen, if the site is quite with no traffic the router is not requesting any ARP information.
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