Local folder to store my mails and attachements

Hi there,

I am new to Lotus Notes, after having used Outlook for years.

My problem is the default setting for all mails and content is for them to be held on a mail server. I need to have a local folder that stores these mails, as my mailbox limit is only 50MB. The nature of my job is that I send and receive large data-files. This soon clogs up the mailbox, and I end up having to delete them.

Please can you tell me how to setup this local folder. (I have admin rights on my PC).


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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You don't need a local folder, you need a local replica of your mailfile. See File/Replication/New Replica to create one. Then you have to enable local replication on your client, which must be set in your current Location document.

Additionally, you can create a mail archive on your local pc. It is just another Notes database, where all mails that are of a certain age can be moved to automatically. Is this something that accomplishes what you want?
LoveToSpodAuthor Commented:
Will this allow me to keep my mails and attachments, and also keep the mail server from clogging up due to size restrictions?

If this is the case, then this will meet my requirements.
LoveToSpodAuthor Commented:
Hey Sjef,

I have created a new replica, and it spent 5 mins downloading.

Then you have to enable local replication on your client
I have gone to Replica Settings and it appears local replication is enabled. - Is this what you mean, how could I tell or make the setting you recommend.

Another question:
If I now delete the contents of the mailfile, will this in turn delete the contents of my replica?

Please help, this is all VERY new to me!! - thanks,

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Local replication: there are two things, the database has to be enabled for replication, AND the workstation must be set to replicate databases. This you can find in you current Location document. Click on the button in the lower righthand corner, which probably says Office, then you will see Edit Current... Click that one, go to the Replication tab, and Enable replication there.

Indeed, if you delete mails, they will be deleted in both replicas. There are a few ways to prevent this:
A. you could try to work ALWAYS on the server replica, delete mails there when you're sure they were copied to your local replica, and prevent deletions from being copied (See File/Replication/Settings, Advanced, at the bottom: Receive from other replicas, and disable Deletions to be replicated in). Your local replica will grow, and grow, and grow...
B. I'd prefer to use an archiving method. The mail file will be the mail file, identical in both replicas. On the local workstation, open your mailfile, go to Actions/Archive/Settings, and create a new archive database. Specify which mails will be moved automatically. Essential for this is that you enable local agents to run on your workstation, see File/Preferences/User Preferences, Basics, at the right: Enable scheduled local agents.

It's a lot, isn't it?

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LoveToSpod, Your only option is to create archive of the mail database.

Goto Database properties and click on archive settings.. The settings tab contain list of doc conditions that it can archive.. you have to add one more condition say size of the document..and save the settings..

In Advanced section of the settings enable local archiving

LoveToSpodAuthor Commented:

Spot-on help.

I'm now setup with a local file that keeps all mails, and can delete the content of the mailfile to de-clog. These deletes aren't reflected in the replica. Exactly as required!

Many thanks,

LoveToSpodAuthor Commented:

I am unsure of why I need an Archive of the mail database. The method by sjef works excellently. Do you disageree, if so why?

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
See my B. Not replicating deletes isn't your best option. You now have to work with two replicas that are "out of sync", which can be pretty annoying sometimes. E.g. if you delete junk mail on the server, you might have to delete it again in your local mail file. Whereas if you use archiving, you can define exactly what is to be archived and what not. This is exactly the way my mail used to work: local replica, local archive, mails are removed from my local mail file AND from the server's replica, I set it up for everything older than two months. A four-year archive including FullText-search is about half a Gig (in my case, that is...)

Hope it wokrs for you! Thanks for points.
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