Epson ESC codes in dos

I guess this should go in the "Printers" section in hardware, but I think it probably needs a more technical mind to answer it, please help.

I'm trying to print barcodes on an epson EPL 6200 using ESC codes from DOS, just it's not working, I can't find any examples anywhere either.

the manual says:

ESC ( B nl nh k m s v1 v2 c barcodeData

I'm using ASCII character 27 for ESC which looks something like "<-" in DOS edit.

number of databytes = bytes in string + 6

nl = mod databytes/256
nh = databytes / 256

k is a hex value for what sort of barcode, code 128 = 06

m is module with, I'm using 05

s is space ajustment, I'm using 1
v1 and v2 = abar length, I'm using 2 for both

c = controll flag, I'm using 1000000 (8 bits)

so I'm sending from DOS edit and counting every ascII char as one byte, so my barcode "01234567801" = 11 bytes + 6 = 17

(<- = asci character 27)


but the printer just goes mental.

bizzarely when I paste it in here it comes out : "\033\017" something to do with ASCII -> ANSI conversion or something???

Any help would be fantastic, atleast an example that works?

Anyone ?
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lorddefAuthor Commented:
You will need to send the numbers as characters, not as text.

ie: 17 should be send as ASCII character 17 and NOT the text characters '17'

You will need to do the same with the remaining numbers in the string.


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