Tooltip Line Break

When tooltips are displayed, line breaks seem to be based on simple line wrap within the window.  I want to control the location of line breaks in a tooltip. Is this possible using something simple; using some <br> like command in the tooltip text?

Here's some html to illustrate...

<TITLE>Cookie Tester</TITLE>
<INPUT type="button" value="ClickOnMe" name="ClickMe"
            title="I would like to be able to explicitly control where this line breaks.  It seems to break based on the width of the window.  But, I need to be able to control breaks with a <br> like method" >

I know there are javascript utilities available that will give me control over tooltips.  If my above request is not possible, please recommend a simple utility.
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see this.. its easy to customize and use
see this simple pure css tooltip.. very easy
u can add ur line breaks within the span tag
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LarryAndroAuthor Commented:
archrajan, my initial question was whether there was a way to force a line break in a tooltip directly by embedding some <br> or \n like command in the text.  You didn't answer that question.  But, judging by the fact that you immediately sent me links to js tooltip utilities, can I assume that the "direct embed" method is not possible?

BTW, thanks for links!  
ok... i do not think we can force breaks there.. sorry!
<input type="button" value="click" onmouseover="this.title='hello this' +'\n'+'a line break'">

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LarryAndroAuthor Commented:
Thanks, GwynforWeb, that's exactly what I needed.
Thanks, archrajan, for the links to tooltip utilities.
for the record I remembered these ideas as well

<input title='line 1 and a break one way &#10;line 2 and another break method&#13;line 3
line 4 line break manually
line 5 and again'>
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