can anyone help register windows media PIA?

I'm trying to use windows media player nine in my application, but when i try to import...

Imports Microsoft.MediaPlayer.Interop

 it does not work i get the blue line under telling me that it does not find it

i try to follow some directions at microsoft ,but some how their directions dont get me anywhere becasue i dont find the folders they tell me to find
such as:

all programs
windows media SDK
player sdk samples         <=== can not see this

I think is a registering problem of the PIA but i just cant register it

can anybody give me new directions a\on getting this to work?

Juan Collado
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JuanColladoAuthor Commented:

I have successfully register my PIA and added to cag

but still my import of the interop does not find it

Imports Microsoft.MediaPlayer.Interop

is there anything else that i'm missing?

on the microsoft tutorial that is all they say i need to do

help please

Juan Collado
JuanColladoAuthor Commented:
Well no one responded to this questions. I have found a solution so i guess i will take the credit  :)

My problem was that even though i followed microsoft intructions to  register PIA, apparently was not really getting done even though it told me it did.

I had to add a reference by browsing to the  redist folder and selectin  WMPPia.dll

Hope this help somoone else.

Juan Collado
JuanColladoAuthor Commented:

How can i close this question?
PAQed with points refunded (500)

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