Acrobat Viewer not installed on Client PCs

Hello Experts,

I have an application that displays PDFs in the browser. I want to check on the code behind of my page that Acrobat Viewer is installed on the clint machine or not. If not then i'd display the message to download it from adobe web site.

what it does right now is that if viewer is installed thenit displays the file otherwise it tries to download the PDF file. i don't want to allow that at all.

Thanx in advance
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Ayesha_KAuthor Commented:
Thanx ihenry

much appreciated
Hi Ayesha_K

any reason at all which make you think my answer is not the best solution for you?
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Please read this grading guidelines

I don't like to post this as feedback in your profile since it could cause you'll be getting less reponses to your question in the future.
Ayesha_KAuthor Commented:
Hi ihenry,

Please excuse me for not bieng able to reply you right after your first query. I'm really sorry if i offended you in any sense. This was my first query that actually got responded so this was my first instance of awarding grades to the expert. My understanding of the grading is that if Expert answers you or provides a link that serves your purpose then you are to give grade A. If that answer or link does not serve your EXACT purpose but gives you another view for the solution and you find the new one quite easily then its Grade B. If after getting the answer or link you have to spend a lot of time and effort in actually understanding it then its a C.

I personally thought B was a good one :S. I tried to work out the things provided on that link but well for some reason it kept on crashing. BUT it gave me the clue that what i should be searching for is class ids of the tool that i want to check is installed or not.

Once again i'm extremely sorry if i offended you in any way or you felt disrespected from my response. Please excuse me considering it to be my first experience. I'll certainly be more careful in the future.

Ayesha K
Hi Ayesha_K,

I believe we have some misunderstanding here, it doesn't matter to me to be given any grade as far as the poster could give some explanation. If you browse my "Answer History" you will find that I have some C's and I could take that as I know I couldn't give further help or explanation. Generally, I know nothing at what level is the poster's skill before hand. Or maybe due to some limitiation my suggestion simply does not work. And that point of time the poster should elaborate more on their problem and they might get higher chances to have better answer. That's what collaboration sites are for, isn't it?
I hope you understand.
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