Virtual Sites are not showing their content.


We use Apache and Virtual host.  Until todya we have had no problems.  Today all of my virtual sites show the "TEST" page when you use the URL for them.  My main site which is listed as the first virtual host works.  I have looked through the directories and found all of my files to be in tact for each hosted domain.  

I am stumped as what could have happened.  We have rebooted the box. Still nothing.  I have started and stopped apache still nothing.  

Any ideas on what would cause the sites to show TEST and not what it is supposed to show would be of great help.

thanks in advance
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check first access.log and error.log
See which URLs are called actually.

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Did you upgrade apache? If so, it may have overwritten the setting in your httpd.conf file.  Or did you change IP addresses or any DNS info recently?  That might do it also.

I would check the httpd.conf file first, if anything was changed, and if not, look at what changed on your network.  If you didn't touch the conf, I would bet there's an IP change somewhere.
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