Setting up Apache for Remote connections via dreamweaver

How do you setup Apache, so that you can connect via Dreamweaver?  

Distro: Suse 9.0 Pro
Apache: 2.0

I was thinking that webdav might be the way to go, and I installed it and have the service running.  I haven't done much with the configuration since I thought I would ask you folks.  Basically I have a friend that does the web work who is Pro Microsoft and he needs to have something some what easy to use.  He likes Dreamweaver so he is fine with abandoning Frontpage.  I was originally going to use the frontpage extensions but I saw that they aren't production quality in Apache 2.0.

I've done some googling and all I seem to come up with is connecting to Databases via Dreamweaver, nothing about straight up HTML.  If you point me to some good tutorials I should be able to handle it from there.

I appreciate your help.  

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Dreamweaver can use Secure FTP (sftp) to put/get site contents. See

That would be preferred over FTP, which is the other choice, as sftp won't expose the user name & password.
nka1993Author Commented:

Does this allow a WYSIWYG experience much like Frontpage?
Yes, Dreamweaver will "get" the page source from the server, allow it to be edited, and "put" it back.

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nka1993Author Commented:
Do you know where the apache specific instructions for such an endeavor would be located?

I found some information:
Just enable the SFTP part by editing sshd_config in /etc/ssh/ and uncomment or add the line:

Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/sftp-server.

Then restart the sshd daemon or if it's run though inetd just connect.


I haven't setup SSH, the service is running.  However, I'm sketchy on how to generate the keys for people, and such.

You don't need to do anything except to make sure that the ssh/scp/sftp service is running and that any firewalls allow inbound ssh connections. The first time a client connects client keys will be generated and exchanged. When the sshd server was started the first time it will have generated the server keys.
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