Working with Levels (Loaded SWF) in Macromedia Flash MX

When working with levels, where one has active links on level 0 and an animation overlay on level 1, is there a way to deactivate the level 0 links under the animation overlay in level 1 and then reactivate them when level 1 is unloaded?
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the easiest way would be to disable them.

so use buttonname.enabled = false;

if you have quite a few of them, the short cut would be to use an array to store all the names,

ie buttonarray = new Array("projects", "dogs" ,"contact", "sleaze");

when you call your animation into action
use a for loop to loop through and disable each item as in.

function disablebtns() { //create a function
      for (i=0; i<buttonarray.length; i++) {
            eval(buttonarray[i]).enabled = false;
disablebtns(); //call the function when you want to (ie. when your animation starts).


ps obviously to re-enable them you'd just set enabled to true using the same method.

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i know the problem... strange flash has still not resolved this with an easy to use setting / or variable. The above is the most efficient solution.... especially with a lot of buttons.

You need quick and very dirty? Buttons on lower levels can only be hidden with another button. So you could have a transparant button the size of your screen. Again.... very dirty and not advice-able.

Another way would be to stick the buttons in a movieclip. When creating a new level you can tell all the movies to gotoAndStop(2) where the button is now an image/graphic and so has no actions anymore. When removing the new level, gotoAndStop(1) the movieclips again.
But this is a lot of work, action-scripting the whole thing is much cleaner.
wedgenetAuthor Commented:
For buttons to enable and disable, do they have to be within the same Animation sequence? I have multiple animations with buttons that fade in and out with the external SWF that is loaded on level 1 when activated by a specific button within an animated sequence.
if they're on different timelines, i'd suggest you provide the full path in the array

buttonarray = new Array("_root.btn1", "animation_mc.btn2") etc.

wedgenetAuthor Commented:
Where would I assign a button array? Within the Actions window prior to the enable/disable scripts or are they assigned to the specific frame within the timeline where the buttons reside?
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