Updated to service pack 2 - problem with connection to the net.

I'm not able to connect to the net.
My anti-virus, Panda 2005, detects a change in the file of svchost.exe and such.
It prompts me whether to allow it to connect to "allow access" -- first I denied it and
allowed it the second time around.

Though, I'm not entirely sure whether its the new Windows Firewall system that
causes this problem.

What configuration needs altered or what should be done to remedy this one?

Thanks, in advance.
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first try disabling panda (see if this is the problem)
how are you connecting? cable, dsl or dialup?
SVChost does need access to the internet in order for internet enabled applications to work, so undo that mistake.
If you turn off the firewall in the control panel, that will let you determine if that is the problem.
Also look at your network connection properties and check that a IP address has been assigned.

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Jared LukerCommented:
Do you know if the windows firewall is in fact turned on?  Do you have another software firewall installed that might be conflicting with it?
Are you sure its not svhost.exe, a trojan process spamming?
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