Flash font viewing problems in any browsers except ie 6

OK, so here's the question; how come when I put fonts into a flash movie and export the swf, it views fine on ie 6 but when I look at it in either firefox or netscape, the fonts are extremely unreadable and off spaced? I have read so many different replies to font problems that my eyes are now blurry. I have yet to come across an answer specific to this question. Please, anyone a reply would save my month long aggravation. Grrr.

If you need to see what I mean check out www.industriaforma.com using ie and firefox/netscape. BIG PROBLEM!!

Btw, I know of the pixel fonts and setting to even pixel numbers; none of this applies I think since it views fine in internet explorer. Even if I break the text apart and alias it I still get the problems in the other browsers.

Due to the frustration level of what seems to be a small aggravation, 350 pts min to an accepted solution.

Cheers and thanks,

ps I wont even get into the mac side of things. :)
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are u referring to some specific text?

i'm looking at the site with both IE and firefox 0.9 and they look exactly the same to me,
the font you've selected ain't the best.

Is it dynamic text? Probably, or you selected "system font". I have Explorer 6 and cant read the font either. Like the text on first page "conceived and hatched by...." is very hard to read.

So why not embed the font into the Flash file?

Flash has an option to include the font into the SWF (see text panel options when you are editing the text). Otherwise people need to have the font -you used- on their system, and if not found then the browser will search and find the next best font.... the next best font could be a terrible font.

Embedding the font will result in everyone seeing the Font you had in mind!
trialnerrorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick replies people. In fact, I do not beleive that the fonts are dynamic in most of my fla's. As for the initial page, the lower text is an image; simply my bad as I wrestle with an image and photoshop text.

As far as embedding the outlines, doesn't flash mx 2004 do this automatically when you export the movie? If no then I am truly misinformed.

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No not by default. If you use common fonts like Arial etc, then embedding is not required. But for fancy / unknown characters it is adviceable. Click option 'character' and 'auto fill' if you want. See if this helps.

You can also (only MX 2004) try your movie with 'alias text' and without.... this can be switched on and off with the "A" button.

Or just have your text as "static text", embedding is automatic then. But you could still try alias on and off.
trialnerrorAuthor Commented:
Thanks again dutchfioxer. I was aware of the aliasing. Most of my text is static so the outlines ought to be embedded automatically. What I am having problems with is firefox/netscape...that is presuming that all others can also view the site with ie with no problems.

Other than the small font "conceived by.." can you view the site ok with ie? I cannot understand why the discrepancy between the 2 browser platforms.

Thanks again 4 your time.

Its known that   <div align="center">  can give problems in Firefox. Remove the DIV's

I think the following is the problem:
You have <param name=quality value=high> (used by Explorer, high)
..... and you have <embed  quality=low  ...> (used by mozilla, low)

Change to :
<embed src="main.swf" quality=high scale=noscale ... etc etc

Finally: Is  width="750" height="450"   the actual size of the movie in flash? Resizing could result in problems too.

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i think my last answer did the trick, but i am not sure.
trialnerrorAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys. I got way off tangent right after I solved the problem. Truth is, I needed the flash fonts and the spacing issue was also partly to blame but thank you for the feedback. Hope that is a fair point award. Cheers!

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